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Monday, September 12, 2005

Off to a flyer!

Week One of the season got off to a flyer with the games on Sky! The Dolphins may flatter early on in the season, but I have a feeling their new coach is a winner and Ferrote looks comfortable at QB. While much of the US commentary team concentrated on Ferrote and, on D, Jason Taylor, I was impressed again by Zach Thomas. Not just because of his familiar blitzing, but also by his patient containment and concentration against a Denver side that have a system which uses the tight end as an effective outlet. Thomas' containment role meant the safeties were never called to cover as he had his linebacking corps so well marshalled!

As to the Cards visit to the Giants...God not another Manning! Pretty white boy Mr America, with talent, good looks and a love of the Almighty. NO, PLEASE NO! NEVER LET ONE OF THESE MEN WIN A SUPER BOWL!!!

As to the rest of the week one games. I'm currently mourning the defeat of my beloved Bears - can't u just leave me alone!


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